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Leading Learning Exchange

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Connect practice. Build knowledge. Lead change.


Our Vision: LLE creates space for people and organizations from across the non-profit sector to learn from each other, build capacity to effect change, and reimagine leading, learning and community engagement for the 21st century.


What We Do: Leading Learning Exchange TM (LLE) is a consortium of experts in social sector fields, including: schools, museums, non-profits, and government agencies. We provide leadership development and strategic consulting in the areas of planning, teaching, leading, learning, and community engagement. LLE develops and connects innovative leaders across the non-profit sector and guides organizations in creating strategic, reciprocal, and scalable partnerships that positively impact our world. Based in Chicago Illinois, the LLE operates nationally through face-to-face and virtual channels.


Our Aim: Imagine what could be done if educators and leaders from all types of learning settings came together to reimagine how to more fully engage citizens young and old in this country. What would it look like if they could bring their respective expertise to the table and, as a collective, create new knowledge? Armed with skills to effect organizational change, these experts could reimagine formal and informal learning and build a new system that taps the best of what these diverse learning settings bring to bear. And citizens young and old will find new ways to engage with the material, with each other, and with the world.


The Leading Learning Exchange TM aims to address this notion head-on by building capacity of teachers and leaders from across the social sector to cross boundaries, learn from each other, reflect deeply on their own work, and reimagine leading, learning, and community engagement for the 21st century.